Update: 23rd August 2022 - I'm still shipping orders out as normal :)
Update: 23rd August 2022 - I'm still shipping orders out as normal :)
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#styledsocks outfit ideas

It's winter time! 

With inevitable, non-stop talks of Christmas being round the corner, it's time to start getting out the warmer clothing for the months ahead. Today, we've styled some wintery outfits using our 'Blue Bricks' socks to show you various ways you could mix them into your fashion choices this winter. Let's get right into this...

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The inspiration for this outfit came from a Japanese denim twist of greaser style. Dark denim jeans and black converse high-tops; The jeans are meant to worn rolled up. Adding to this is a plain black or white t-shirt and a denim jacket, although a faux leather one would work great as well. We've finally used a necklace as a way to add a personal touch to the outfit along with our patterned socks. 

Grunge Kid

This outfit is obviously inspired by the grunge fashion of the 90's. Think Seattle, Nirvana and shirts. A bold red tartan shirt mixed with pale blue jeans (ripped jeans would work great!) and a pair of classic old skool black vans make this the perfect outfit for showing off your inner rockstar. We finished it off with a graphic tee and a classic watch. 

Simple Man

There's nothing easier to throw on in cold weather than a pair of boots and a nice black winter jacket. This outfit is designed to be practical. We've styled black jeans together with a hooded black puffer jacket. Underneath we have a clean, grey or white t-shirt. The last item being a pair of good quality, warm brown boots. This outfit is perfect for wearing with eye-catching socks as the neutral colours allow them to pop! 


City Skater

If there's one style that cool, patterned socks always go well with, it's skateboard fashion, especially if you rock a pair of cropped or rolled up trousers. This is what this outfit is all about. To start, we have gone for some cropped brown straight leg chinos and our 'Blue Bricks' socks. To build on the #streetwear vibe, we've added a graphic print hoodie and a pair of adidas skateboarding sneakers. 

Streetwear Guy

If you've checked out fashion outfits anywhere on social media, you've probably seen the love for #streetstyle. With this outfit, we're hoping to give our own twist on this extremely trendy style. We wanted to pair the shoes with the top for this one, so we've used a grey Nike SB hoodie and a pair of grey Puma sneakers. Both greys also match the grey colour in our 'Blue Bricks' socks. Adding to that, is a pair of medium/ light blue jeans and some personal accessories. This outfit is clean, simple and stylish. 

The "I know how to cut trees down" look

This is a really cool look for the winter. We're taking a checkered or plaid shirt and layering that over a simple plain t-shirt in a neutral colour. On top of this, we've added another layer, which is a brown corduroy jacket with a faux fur borg collar. The rest of the outfit is straightforward, a pair of black jeans and some black Puma sneakers but you could also go for boots instead. Accessorising with necklaces, bracelets or a bandana is a great way to add some more detail, and, as with the socks, a more personal touch. 

...and that's it! That's 6 ways to style your outfits this winter. We hope you got some inspiration for new outfits to put together and also ways to wear eye-catching socks in stylish ways. 

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Have yourself a great day! 



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