Update: 23rd August 2022 - I'm still shipping orders out as normal :)
Update: 23rd August 2022 - I'm still shipping orders out as normal :)
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Christmas Gifts for Him

'Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?...'

With Christmas now just around the corner, it might be finally time to start some Christmas Shopping. To help, we've compiled a small list of gift ideas perfect for the working man. We've included some of our favourite recommendations, as well as what the item is, so you can always search for your own alternative to the brands we've picked.


Watch - Volp Watches

Despite having smart phones, every man should have at least one watch that they still love wearing. Watches are a fantastic practical accessory and the variety available on the market mean there's styles for every kind of guy. Pricing for watches can range drastically but we've found a modest watch from Volp Watches. They're a great small watch company from Spain, which use Vegan friendly leather. A company that makes stylish items with the use of vegan friendly materials is always a great business to support. 

Coffee - Caravan Coffee

Coffee has come a long way in recent years and the scene for speciality, high quality coffee is buzzing. This is great for coffee lovers as it means it's easier to get a delicious tasting coffee. If you know a man who makes coffee at home, then great quality beans are a fantastic gift. We've gone for Caravan as they roast wonderful coffee from all over the world. This bag of beans cost £8.50 and is available on their website or in their restaurants along with a range of others.

Some other great coffee bean roasters include Square Mile, Dark Arts coffee, Five Elephant, The Barn coffee and Bailies Coffee Roasters. You can find great coffee roasters near you, by searching for 'speciality coffee' in your area. 

Candle - Skand Navisk

Nothing helps make a room smell nicer than a well made candle. There's a lot of great businesses out there nowadays making wonderful smelling candles, including scents more suitable for men. Look out for smells you know he likes. Typical masculine scents include wood, musk, tobacco, citrus and bergamot. We've picked the 'Koto' candle by Skand Navisk. They describe it as a "blend of Baltic Amber and schersmin with exotic mandarin and vanilla". Some other candle companies include P.F. Candle Co, SundayofLondon and Earl of East London

Socks - Sock Bricks

A great pair of comfortable, patterned socks is always welcome as a gift and is an ideal item to give as an extra Christmas stocking present. Bold, eye-catching socks are becoming popular, and they're a great way for people to accessorise an outfit and beat the norm of boring old black socks. We've picked this pair because the shades of blue and grey are easy for men to style with most outfits. They're made of 80% cotton, so they feel very soft and comfortable. Perfect for wearing out or to work. 


Being clean and smelling good is always a plus, so why not give the gift of nice toiletries to him? Men's grooming is becoming more popular and there's a huge selection of brands to pick from for masculine toiletries. Standard things to buy for him would include Deodorant, Shower gel/ Soap, Shampoo and a great moisturiser. Extras could include Face Wash, Cologne, Conditioner, Beard Oils, Razors/ Beard trimmers and Shaving Cream. Look out for businesses that use Naturally Derived products, (which are better for the skin) without testing on animals as well. Again, these are great businesses to support! Here's some of our favourites: Lush shaving cream, Every Man Jack deodorant, BullDog face wash and Man Cave shower gel. 


Reading is such a rewarding thing to do. You learn more and get to be engulfed by the contents of the book you're reading. With lots of genres to choose from, it's good to find out what kind He likes. Some ideas though could be Fiction, Science-Fiction, Self-Help books or books on Business. We've suggested a few Business related books here which are great reads for an aspiring entrepreneur. 

Thank you for reading! We hope you got a few extra ideas for gifts to give this Christmas.

Happy Gift Shopping and we wish you a Merry Christmas! 

-Sock Bricks


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