Update: 23rd August 2022 - I'm still shipping orders out as normal :)
Update: 23rd August 2022 - I'm still shipping orders out as normal :)
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Here's My Plans For Sock Bricks - (5th July 2020)

Hey there! I hope you're doing well today :)

Thanks for stopping by and giving this blog post a read. I'm mainly writing this as a little update on where Sock Bricks is at the moment, and what my plans are for the next few months. 

I've split it up into a few different sections, starting with the most noteworthy...

New Products

The first and most exciting update is that I will soon be releasing a brand new set of socks!

This new set will be London themed and is the first to feature our brand new packaging! When I started Sock Bricks, I had a specific vision in mind and I'm delighted to announce that these new products will bring this idea to life! 

The set will be available to pre-order on the Sock Bricks website very soon. I hope you all enjoy them!  

Market Stalls

Last year I took part in various markets around London, Kent, Surrey and Essex. Getting the chance to be behind a stall, tell the story of my business and share the products I have, has been amazing. All the incredible people I've had the pleasure of meeting and the wonderful words of encouragement they've given, has been life changing. Thank you to everyone I've been able to meet! 

Unfortunately, exhibiting at Market Stalls hasn't been possible for the past few months, understandably due to the lockdown in the UK. This is for an important reason, please stay safe everyone.

As venues, shops and markets begin to open up though, I am starting to apply for future stall spaces. These events will be the first time I can share my new products with people in person. They also present a great opportunity to meet fellow small business owners. I look forward to building connections with these people and creating fun collaborations in the future. 


With new products, comes new opportunities! I've been fortunate enough to work with some incredible stockists during my time running Sock Bricks. My hope is to build further on these relationships, whilst also forming new ones. Ideally, our socks will be more widely available in places such as galleries, museums and other independent shops. 

To make it easier for our customers to find our products in person, I shall be creating a list of all the stockists we work with. Hopefully this will also allow us to shine a light on the amazing businesses and organisations that have chosen to stock us and send some love their way. 


Something I've always wanted to do is collaborate with other businesses, designers and general creatives. Whether it's curating unique gift sets, or working with illustrators to design socks; there's a lot of possibilities. 

I have begun contacting other business owners, artists and creative people with the intention of forming collaborative ideas. If you're reading this and have any thoughts for people you'd like us to work with, please contact us on social media or by email with your suggestions. I'm always here to listen to your ideas and thoughts! 


Finally, To say a big thank you to all our wonderful customers, followers, friends and fellow sock fans, we're going to start doing giveaways! These will be through our social media pages and will be free to enter. You'll have the chance to win our socks as well as other exciting products through our collaboration's with fellow small businesses! 

Thank you again everyone for the love and support. It means the world!

If you'd like to order yourself a pair of new socks and help support us, click here

I hope you have a great day!

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