Update: 23rd August 2022 - I'm still shipping orders out as normal :)
Update: 23rd August 2022 - I'm still shipping orders out as normal :)
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About Sock Bricks

Welcome to Sock Bricks!
Hey there!
My name is Seth and this is my business Sock Bricks😄
I started Sock Bricks after being a keen collector and wearer of colourful socks myself. I wanted to design my own fun socks, so instead of clearing out my already overflowing sock drawer, I decided to create my own😅
Here I am during a virtual market stall which I took part in at home during lockdown. 
I have also taken part in market stalls in London and surrounding areas and hope to be able to return to these soon. If you see me at one, come and say hey! 😁
A Little More...
Sock Bricks started in East London, my hometown, where my passion for collecting socks, turned into wanting to design my own! The socks feature bold, colourful patterns that are eye-catching and fun. All our socks are made from 80% cotton so they are super comfortable to wear!  
Recently, I've been fortunate enough to release the first ever Sock Bricks Set! This is the idea behind the name of the business, so bringing it to life has been incredibly exciting. The set is London themed with 3 pairs of unique, London themed socks made from organic cotton. All 3 pairs come packaged in an eye-catching Brick box, giving life to the name Sock Bricks. 
The new London Brick can be found here
I've worked hard to create these socks and I'm extremely proud of them. I hope you enjoy them too! 😊

If you'd like to share pictures of you wearing any of our pairs, tag us on social media @sockbricks or use #sockbricks
Want to ask a question?
Email us at: sockbricks@gmail.com