Update: 23rd August 2022 - I'm still shipping orders out as normal :)
Update: 23rd August 2022 - I'm still shipping orders out as normal :)
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London Taxi Socks
London Taxi Socks
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London Taxi Socks

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Introducing our brand new London Taxi Cab Socks!

Hand-designed by us in East London, this pair of socks features black Taxis as well as the iconic London skyline wrapped around the top.

The socks are made with care in Portugal using super soft organic cotton. This means not only are they more environmentally friendly, they're also wonderfully comfortable to wear. Trust us, your feet will love them!

Colours used:

Main Sock - Orange
London Skyline - Black, Red, Grey, White
Phone-boxes - Black, Grey, White, Yellow


The socks are made from: 70% organic cotton / 28% polyamide / 2% elastane.

What is Organic Cotton?

Great question! Organic Cotton means that the cotton used hasn't been grown using pesticides or harmful chemicals. The use of such chemicals in regular cotton production is harmful to those farming it, to the surrounding wildlife and to the area it's grown on, as it damages the water and the soil.

By choosing to use organic cotton that is free from pesticides, we are able to stay more environmentally friendly, which is better for us, for the farmers and for the planet.

Size Conversion

We want to make sure the socks fit you well, so please use our size conversion chart below to find what shoe size they are in your region.

Smaller Size fits:

UK, 4-7.5
EUR, 36-41
US Men, 4-8
US Women, 6-9
JPN, 22-25

Larger Size fits:

UK, 8-12
EUR, 42-47
US Men, 9-13
US Women, 10-13
JPN, 26-30

Washing Instructions

We recommend washing the socks on a low temperature. Please do not dry-clean, tumble dry, bleach or iron the socks.